Danish Production - Proud Traditions

Skovhuus Strik specializes in elegant knitwear for the quality and fashion conscious woman. We have designed and produced popular knitwear collections since 1972. We still produce at our factory in Herning in Denmark and are proud to preserve Danish textile workplaces. We put a lot of energy into following the production and the details very closely; from delivery of the yarn to the finished item is ready for sale. Our collections are known for high quality, longevity and a fine fit.
At Skovhuus we have a long and proud tradition of producing quality craftsmanship and we take great pride in what we make. Our knitting machines are working around the clock most of the week. We design and produce the knitwear here at the factory. Afterwards, the knitwear is pressed and checked before it is being shipped to our longtime partner in Poland for cutting and sewing.
We have great experience when it comes to knitwear and we have ongoing quality checks, right from the beginning of production to when the items are ready to be shipped. This means that we are able to control the quality throughout the process.
By being so closely involved in the production also means that we are flexible to restock our warehouse during the season.
Skovhuus Strik was founded in 1972. Factory owner Johannes Skovhuus began with only a single knitting machine in humble surroundings in Hammerum, Herning. He was one of the true textile pioneers in the region who went out to sell his collection during the day and produced them at the factory in the evenings. It turned out that Johannes knew what he was doing, because the company gradually outgrew the original premises, and in 1980, the company’s factory was built in the town of Birk. The company is still here today and it has an extensive dealer network in many European countries, as well as in the United States. Today, it is the second generation of the Skovhuus family, Camilla and Elisabeth, who run the company.
Our talented design team creates two collections each year, and each one consists of approximately 120 different designs. The design team produces each collection from scratch, and it requires trend insight, inspiration and a close collaboration with our sales teams around Europe. Although our designers find inspiration for new collections from many different countries, we stick to the good, Scandinavian design traditions. In other words, each and every design is created in a pure and elegant style, with practicality and consistent quality.
We have a clearly defined image of what kind of women we want to design our stylish knitwear for. They are adult, quality conscious women who appreciate a beautiful well-fitting cut and where the knitting quality is top notch. They need to feel feminine, well-dressed and elegant when wearing our knitwear. We have many different customers on many different markets, and taste and colour preferences are not always the same as in Denmark.
We design and offer many different colour combinations, so that every individual market trend and taste are catered for.
As we focus so intensely on high quality, it is also important that our suppliers are able to match our requirements. Therefore, we only use certified suppliers. Our yarn suppliers are certified in all the relevant standards and eco tests. In that way we take responsibility, and we know with certainty that everything is under total control and that all the rules regarding sustainability are complied with. It means a lot to us and it always has. It is clear to us that environmental and social responsibilities are becoming more and more important for our customers.