At Skovhuus we have a long and proud tradition of producing quality craftsmanship and we take great pride in what we make.

Our knitting machines are working around the clock most of the week. We design and produce the knitwear here at the factory in Birk. The first samples are also sown at the factory in Birk. Afterwards, the knitwear is pressed and checked in Denmark before being shipped to our long-time business partner in Poland for cutting and sewing.


We have great experience and know-how when it comes to knitwear and we have ongoing quality checks, right from the beginning of production to when the items are ready to be shipped. This means that we are able to control the quality throughout the process.

By being so closely involved in the production means that we are flexible when it comes to producing extra styles, also in the middle of the season. This way we make sure that our distributors always have the most popular styles available to customers.

Our talented design team creates two collections each year, each contains approximately 120 different designs. The design team produces each collection from scratch, and it requires trend insight, inspiration and a close collaboration with our sales teams around Europe.


We go on inspirational trips around the world to collect trends and tendencies from the international fashion scene and to be inspired by the shapes and colours that surround us. Using this as inspiration, we create unique and elegant knitted collections.

We come from great, Scandinavian design traditions, and even though our designers find inspiration for new collections from many different countries we are proud of our Danish heritage and of the quality that is Danish design. Every style is designed in a stylish and elegant cur with an eye for details and functionality.


We design and create beautiful and elegant knitwear to trendy, quality-conscious women, who appreciate a well-fitted product with the best knitted quality. You should feel feminine, well-dressed and elegant as well as secure, when wearing a Skovhuus style.   

We are proud of our high quality. All our styles have a great cut, are well-fitted and have thought through details, making sure that you always feel secure wearing the knitwear, and if all washing instructions are followed, the knitwear will look great for a long time.

Our customers live in many markets in many countries, and style and approach towards colours may not always be the same. We develop and offer many different colour-combinations to make sure that the trends and tastes of each market are met.